Best luxury travel destinations for April, May & June 2022

BEST MONTH TO TRAVEL: April COUNTRY TO VISIT: Greece Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and is the southernmost country in Europe. The mainland has rugged mountains, forests, and lakes, but the country is well known for the thousands of islands dotting the blue Aegean Sea to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the Read More


BEST MONTH TO TRAVEL: May COUNTRY TO VISIT: USA CITY – MIAMI Miami is known for its white-sand beaches, warm climate, delicious cuisine, Cuban coffee, and its Latin-American influences. Some popular attractions include Miami Beach, South Beach, Zoo Miami, Bayside Marketplace, Little Havana, Ocean Drive, and Deering Estate. The second largest city in Florida, Miami is Read More


BEST MONTH TO TRAVEL: March Located on the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt is home to one of the world’s earliest and greatest civilizations, with a unified kingdom first surfacing around 3,200 B.C. Egypt is famous for the Pyramids, Sahara Desert, and Nile River. It’s known for its ruins, historical places, and sites of world wonders. It is Read More




BEST MONTH TO TRAVEL: February Mexico is known for its Incredible food. It’s no secret that Mexican food is one the world’s most beloved cuisines. Mexican cuisine was officially deemed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mexico boasts one of the world’s most vibrant and rich ancient history, especially in the form Read More


BEST MONTH TO TRAVEL: Janurary Start the new year with several bangs: Sydney throws possibly the best New Year’s Day parties in the world (how like Australians not to waste the day in bed with hangovers). Then head on up the Gold Coast to Byron Bay, or the Whitsundays, or the Great Barrier Reef, or Read More


COUNTRY TO VISIT: THE ARTIC CIRCLE – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland each has territory that lies within the Arctic Circle. Finland Covid Travel Restrictions From 12 July 2021, Finland welcomes fully vaccinated travellers and travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 from EU and Schengen countries. From 12 October, leisure travel is possible between Finland and Read More

# Lineage 1000

Lineage 1000

Charter Lineage 1000 for LONG HAUL FLIGHTS +91 7428 344 388 (Available from the Middle East) SPECIFICATIONS * CABIN LENGTH:                  84 Ft 3 In * CABIN HEIGHT:                   6.6 Ft * CABIN WIDTH:                Read More

# Curacao - Travel Restrictions Update:


Curacao – Travel Restrictions Update: Contact us for Air Charter to Curacao: +91 7428 344 388 After being closed for international tourism for months, Curaçao is happy to announce they have now reopened and are accepting tourists from select countries. Countries that can travel to Curaçao WITHOUT A TEST: As of July 16, 2020 passengers traveling from the following countries are welcome to visit Curacao, without bringing a negative PCR test: updated Aug 28) Anguilla, Antigua Read More

# Mexico



Mexico has quickly become one of the most popular travel destinations during the pandemic due to having some of the easiest COVID-19 entry requirements in the world. Its stunning beaches, tropical climate, vast history and vibrant culture brings in almost 50 million tourists a year making it the 7th most visited country in the world Read More

#GLAdventure –The Great Overland Adventure - Part 3


Driving Cross Continent through Central Asia

It’s the 12th day of Team Auto Bild India’s Great Overland Adventure. They are crossing over to Kazakhstan – a land full of surprises and one that mesmerises with its unmatched scenic beauty. On the morning of the 12th day, the first scenic spot the team visited on their way to Almaty, was Lake Balkhash, the Read More