When you travel with us, you do more than just travel. You explore. Our Luxury Travel team takes away the hassle of planning & organising from you and turns it into an opportunity for you to create an experience. We ensure that the minutest details in your travel itinerary are taken care of, so you can sit back, relax, enjoy & take home a travel experience that counts.

No two travel plans we create are ever the same. We carefully tailor make every voyage,  vacation and trip based on your need and interests. We are globally networked with the most exclusive, the most luxurious and the most unique properties & services to ensure you get the best in class comfort, style and luxury.

Our Luxury Travel Service offerings include the following:

–   Travel Itinerary and plans made to your taste

–   Private Charter bookings: Air, Water & Land

–   Accommodation: Hotels, Resorts, and Private Villas/Chalets or Islands

–   Ground Transportation: Both essential and exotic