No one expected the world to change so drastically in such a short time for 7.8 Billion humans inhabiting our planet. More than half of the population around the globe was / is quarantined in some way or other to avoid community spread of new Novel COVID-19 threat and save precious lives of self and loved ones.

Some saw this as an blessing in disguise and started introspecting their current lifestyle and life choices, people connected and spent more time with their family and loved ones, drastic decrease in pollution levels across the world, nature got a small reboot and started cleaning itself, healthy lifestyle changes, animals reclaiming land, no traffic equates to no traffic jams, no noise pollution, improved hygiene, increased creativity, ozone layer healing itself, increased value for freedom of movement and many more.

While some saw this an blessing and made lasting positive changes in their life, on the other side negative effects have also been felt around the planet and has effected in large number of job losses, physiological effects, people feeling effects of being confined in four walls, laziness, excess watching of mobile phone / tv, heightened anxiety and anger etc.

Its upon each individual to view and react too every situation or circumstance in their life positively / negatively. We are Krimson Kraft Lifestyle would like to look at positive effects of the current pandemic and move ahead with:

  1. Providing Healthy and Hygienic Travel options to our guests.
  2. Take extra care and precautionary measures for safe travel.
  3. Provide travel options to scenic locations, hotels, restaurants, notable places etc which are taking necessary precautions, hygienic maintenance and following social distancing due to pandemic.
  4. Practice and follow social distancing norms at all times.
  5. Smatter management measures to scenic areas and public places.
  6. Maintain strong communication channel with service providers like hotels, restaurants, guides, logistics providers etc.


Guest are advised to read through below links for safety and Covid-19 information:

  1. Indian Government – Travel Advice for Covid-19

  1. Indian Government – Covid-19 complete information

  1. Indian Ministry of Health &Family Welfare

  1. WHO – Advice for Public

  1. WHO – Travel Advice

  1. WHO – Q & A on Covid-19

  1. World Tourism Organization – Covid-19

  1. WHO – Situation Reports

  1. Center of Disease Control & Prevention – Travel Recommendations

We at Krimson Kraft Lifestyle along with all its sister concerns are committed to any and all people requiring our assistance or help in anyway during or after the pandemic. We request you to get in touch with us with any assistance you require whether in India or Worldwide and we will use all our resources to help / assist anyone contacting us.

Krimson Kraft Lifestyle is committing to provide free of charge information / online research to our clients in the wake of economic recession hitting the World Economies.

Lastly, we request you to stay safe by following necessary local government advisories for yourself, your family and general public at large.


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