Feel the Rush on a Formula Off-Roader

Take a thrilling ride on one of most powerful Formula Off-Road vehicles Riding a Formula Off-road vehicle used for motorsport competition in Iceland is an experience of a life time. Even as you hitch a ride only as a passenger on this real Icelandic off-road vehicle, there are only a few things in the world Read More

Titanic Shipwreck

Titanic Shipwreck

Dive into the dark past of the legendary ship Titanic The legendary Titanic is one of the most popular vessels of all time. More than 100 years after its sinking on April 14, 1912, it continues to captivate audiences and scientists from all around the world. Offering a once in a lifetime experience to look Read More

Two ways to peru

Two ways to Peru

Where surfing is sacred and history thrills Water sports lovers who visit Peru, the birthplace of surfing, will adore the white-knuckle rafting, the board sports and the spirit of ‘anything goes’. Those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land can discover the awe inspiring ancient ruins at the world-famous site of Machu Picchu Read More

Sail to Antarctica

Sail to Antarctica

Where four time zones stand frozen This is where the world has stored its fresh water. Almost 1/3rd of it. 98% of this Continent is covered in ICE and SNOW. The South Pole is considered a continent that hasn’t any inhabitants; travel at your own risk. Its a once in a lifetime visit to the Read More

Top Gun Flight

Get the ultimate adrenalin rush with a jet fighter flight in an ex-Military jet with an experienced fighter pilot After a safety briefing, you will do a military-style flight suit, slim line parachute and helmet before being introduced to the aircraft. You will then be strapped into the fighter, taxi to the runway and take-off. Read More

Driving cross continent

Driving Cross Continent

Life is a highway. And the rear view mirror, your best friend. Experience a road trip of a lifetime – not just across America or Europe, but actually driving across the globe. We will organise vehicles, plan the routes, accommodation, pit stops etc all throughout the world. All you have to do, is select your Read More